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Helping hands, helping to support the Ministry

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Equipping for Life

There are many ways your Helping Hands can help support the ministry.

EquipUs Launch

Supporting the goal and purpose of the ministry involves more than just financial gifts (although, those gifts are much needed and very appreciated). Other ways your hands can help is by Volunteering for the mission field to help equip the saints. We are also part of smaller, less well known nonprofit and charitable operations such as “Keep The Change”, “Amazon Smile” and the occasional “Go Fund Me” campaign.

Another way to support us is signing up and completing a course on EquipUs University, where you can build yourself while support the goals of the ministry.

How to Donate

Donations (Non-Recurring)

Online donations can be made HERE. Checks are also accepted. Make checks payable to EquipUs and send to P.O. Box 803, Scottsboro, AL 35768.

Donating by check? Click here to let us know.

Recurring Donations

These donations allow us to plan and budget. Most recurring donations are monthly. Those can be set up electronically HERE. Many donors use their banks ‘bill pay’ feature to have their donations sent to EquipUs each month. Others send their personal checks. All checks or electronic drafts should be payable to EquipUs and sent to P.O. Box 803, Scottsboro, AL 35768

 You may also setup monthly donations via the Go Fund Me button below.

Go Fund Me

GoFundMe Campaigns

EquipUs sometimes uses the GoFundMe platform. If a campaign is active, we will notify subscribers through our e-newsletter (Newsletter Signup). Donations can be made directly through the GoFundMe campaign links.


Donate Now

Keep the Change

The change helps us make change! Link your preferred card to the Cheerful Giving app. Set your own donation limit. Use your card as always. The purchases made will be rounded up to the next highest dollar amount until the change reaches your preset limit. Your change is handled by Cheerful Giving an forwarded to EquipUs as your donation. You never write a check and your don’t have to remember to do anything! Change your limit at any time.

Get started with Cheerful Giving.

Amazon Smile

Do you about Amazon Smile? It’s Amazon’s charitable funding arm. It works just like ‘regular’ Amazon but requires enrollment in Amazon Smile. Enrolling allows selecting your preferred organization (our link makes that super easy!) and then all you do is shop Amazon through Amazon Smile. Amazon sends a small percentage of all eligible purchases to the organization of your choice. In this case, EquipUs! 

Support E-quipUs.org by visiting the Amazon Smile and click the blue Get started button.

EquipUs -U

This is our online learning platform. Enrolling does two great things. 1st, the in-depth Biblical content equips you in your faith. 2nd, the tuition costs help EquipUs produce and share more great equipping tools. It’s a winning arrangement for everyone!